Newbie F.A.Q. : All Basic things

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Newbie F.A.Q. : All Basic things

Post by DeathSeekeeR on Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:22 pm

So here is a compilation of common question always asked by new players. If you are new to game, then you must get to know these things as fast as possible.

1. What is Forma?

Forma is used to Add different polarities to MAX level weapons or warframes. Every mod have different polarity and slot capacity which you can see on top-right corner of mod. Installing mod on same polarity slot will reduce the slot capacity required by mod into half. For example, If mod uses 14 slot capacity,installing into same polarity slot will cost only 7 capacity. Note that using forma will drop your weapon/warframe back to level 0.

2. Where to get Forma?

Forma can be purchase from market for 20p/ 20 platinum.This is easiest way.

Forma can also be found from Void missions,but chances are very low.

The simple way is to farm Forma BP/Blueprint. It drops in almost all void missions. Forma BP will require few resources to build it and will take 24 hours. Forma BP drop is very common.

3. How to Increase MOD Slot capacity?

Warframe & Weapons mod capacity can be increased by installing orokin catalyst and orokin reactor.It will double the mod capacity.

4. Where to get Orokin Catalyst/Reactor?

Orokin catalyst & Reactor can be bought from market for 20p.

It can also be farmed through alerts.But it is rare and doesn't come often.

There is a mission type named "INVASION" . Many times Invasion gives Orokin Reactor/Catalyst as reward.So how it works? Invasion mission have two opposing faction. You select the faction which gives the reward and finish the mission.Usually it requires you to do mission 3 times,but it can be vary. Once you finish the mission for required time..wait for few hours.Once Invasion finishes,you will get reward in your Inbox if your faction wins.

5. I can't use platinum for trading.

When you start the game, you will have starter 50 platinum. You can't use it for trading.You can only use it in market.

6. Can Platinum can be farmed from game?

Answer is both Yes and No. You won't get platinum from any mission.BUT you can play void mission to collect prime parts and blueprints.You can sell them through trading chat to other players for platinum.

7. How to trade with Other Players?

Go to Clan>Enter Dojo.Once you are in dojo , you can see Trading post on stairs.You can use it to trade with other members/players from other clan.

8. I can't trade anything.

You can only trade number of times depending on your MR [ Mastery Rank ]. Higher MR gives you  more trading chance.

Also only PRIME parts and Blueprint can be traded. You can't trade any regular parts/blueprints.[ Only few are exceptional and can be traded ]

9. How to Increase Mastery Rank?

You can increase Mastery Rank by maxing new weapons and warframes.By leveling different things you will get xp for mastery rank, which can be seen in your profile. Once you have enough experience for next rank, You can see " RANK UP" option in your profile.

10. I can't understand what other saying in chat.

Here is a list of things you will see in recruiting / Trading chat.

Recruiting Chat :

H >: Hosting
LF > : Looking for
t1-t4 : Tower 1 to Tower 4 in void missions.
Keyshare : You must have particular void mission key to join.Before starting mission,you have to show key.
Draco : Its a mission for xp farming.
ODA: Orokin Derelict Assassination. Key bp can be found in Market>Keys.
ODD : Orokin Derelict Defense. Key bp can be found in Market > Keys.
LOR / NM LOR : Regular raids and Nigtmare Raids.Its type of advanced mission for 8-player party.
MR : Mastery Rank. Players will ofter ask for certain MR to join the mission.

Trading :

WTB> Want to buy.
WTS> Want to Sell.
WTT> Want to trade.
PC > Price checking.

11. Which is best warframe?

Answer is all of them. Different warframe is suitable to different type of mission and different playstyle.

Let me know if something is missing or you want to add more questions. Razz

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