General Rules : Basic things you need to Know

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General Rules : Basic things you need to Know

Post by DeathSeekeeR on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:45 pm

There are not many stupid rules , Just few things to keep everything organized.Rather than rules, these are guidelines. It is here to avoid any misunderstanding between members, remember you are not the only one in clan. So enough with chatter. The rules are :

1. Be nice. No one owes you anything so no need to be rude without any particular reason. Very Happy

2. No-Spamming : Spamming in Clan & Alliance will only be tolerated to certain level. Spamming includes typing random stuff , keep writing in caps and that kind of shit.Chatting is NOT considered as spamming. Razz

3. Inactive Period : 10 days inactivity will result in kicking from clan. Inform any Leader or post here in forum if you gonna be inactive for more than 10 days to keep your position. pale

4. No- Lechers : If you are not interested in contributing in clan, better leave clan. Evil or Very Mad

5. Recruiting : Everyone is free to invite new members to clan. Requirement Mastery Rank 2+ [MR2+] & active. Laughing

This concludes the basic rules of clan.Rules may be modified in future or new rules may included. In such times, Any changes in rules will be notified in Clan Message. Post here if you have any queries regarding rules. tongue

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