Clan Jobs Vacancy

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Clan Jobs Vacancy

Post by DeathSeekeeR on Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:12 pm

There are various things in clan that needs attention. We are looking for dedicated members for particular tasks. If you are interested in any of the task, feel free to leave reply. You will be promoted to High Clan Rank along with other things.

Benefits : Permanent Clan Position, Promotion to higher Rank , Other Rewards [ Under Construction -will be included later ]

1. Recruiter :

Need a recruiter to invite new members in clan and advertiser clan opening through recruiting channel.

Requirement : Chat with person interested in joining the clan and that's it.No need to force anyone.Higher MR would be preferred .

2. Helper :

Helper's job is to help out new members and newbie's to start-up in clan.Not much to do , only simple things like welcoming new members and answering their questions.

No-requirement needed.

3. Chat-Master :

Job is to keep the chat clean and ban any spammer from chat after 2 warnings.

Requirement : None

4. Grinder :

Help out newbie to power level,which also includes hosting various runs or helping in farming resources and frames/primes.

Requirement: High MR member preferred, but not required.

5. Dojo-Master :

Starting new researches and projects in dojo.

6. Contributors :

Donate resources to researches to finish them faster.Also hosting runs to farm resources.

7. Event Manager :

Event manager needed to manage weekly events and ensures it's success.

There can be multiple members holding same job.Jobs maybe added/deleted in future.

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